Configurable Stress Testing Solution for financial institutions

Know your financial institutions risk appetite and make informed business decisions

Stress Testing

Central Banks mandate financial institutions to carry out stress tests to assess their resilience to withstand shocks of all levels of severity. The objective is to evaluate financial position under adverse scenarios. Stress testing results help in decision making process in terms of potential actions like risk mitigation techniques, contingency plans, capital and liquidity management in stressed conditions.

UVenture's Stress Testing Solution

UVenture Stress Testing is an easy to use solution that helps financial institutions build a solid stress testing framework that is configurable and repeatable. Solution includes full fledged stress scenario analysis for all major risk factors. It helps in assessing the capital adequacy to ensure that there is sufficient capital to absorb losses and support operations during adverse economic conditions

Identify, Measure & Manage Risks

Identify risks and efficiently perform extensive risk calculations for all major asset classes including equities, credit, foreign exchange and interest rates. Enable management to manage risks effectively.

Streamline your stress testing activity. Run your stress tests more efficiently, faster, with more control and complete transparency.

Key Benefits

Scenario based testing

Extensive testing using configurable parameters

Comprehensive Reporting

Ready to use stress result dashboards and reports

Complete Automation

Process workflows to automate your tests


Satisfy your management and auditors with auditable results

Be better prepared to handle adverse business scenarios and satisfy ever

changing regulatory expectations

using UVenture's Stress Testing Solution