Automated Data Flow (ADF)

Build your automated reporting system using UVenture's ADF Solution

UVenture’s Nova is a unique and comprehensive solution for banks and financial institutions to do a straight-through reporting process (STP) without any manual handling. Central Banks mandate banks and financial institutions to do automated reporting so no data can be fudged. Our solution helps achieve complete control on data processing and access and thus provides auditability and traceability of data.  With added benefit of having an in-built reporting engine, all business and financial reports can be built with assurance of data quality, reliability and correctness.

Key Functions

Data Acquisition

Interact with and extract data from various banking source systems and perform relevant data quality checks.​

Data Integration and Storage

Store all relevant data elements using comprehensive data model. 

Data Conversion

Convert and unify data to create the final reports.​

Data Submission

Schedule report delivery, review by relevant stakeholders and publishing in a standard format​

Key Benefits

Complete Automation

In-built workflows to schedule and thus automate data processing and report generation

Single Source of Truth

All data is acquired, cleaned, processed and stored in internal data warehouse to offer single source of truth

KPIs and Dashboards

Select from pre-defined reports or build your own ad hoc reports 

Cloud and In house use ready

Works on cloud and can be setup on your internal cloud or in house systems

Get better insights and comply with regulatory reporting requirements

using UVenture's Nova - an Automated Data Flow solution